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14 Cambodian migrants arrested in Sa Kaeo, Bangkok Post

SA KAEO — Soldiers rounded up 14 Cambodians trying to sneak out of the country via a natural border in Aranyaprathet district on Monday.
A patrol team from the Burapha Task Force found the Cambodians — seven men and seven women — carrying travel bags through a eucalyptus forest near Wang Mon village in Tha Kharm sub-district on the Thai-Cambodian border tonight.
The squad arrested them after the aliens failed to present travel documents.
Reaw Joon, 45, a Cambodian in the group, said most of them were relatives living in Cambodian province of  Bantia Mianjoey. They had been working in Chon Buri for two months and their employer had legally registered them with the Labour Ministry.
He claimed family members telephoned to ask them to return home to help grow rice as it was raining in Cambodia. But their boss would not allow them to leave work, citing a shortage of manpower. They then decided to flee the country and did not take the labour or travel documents kept by the employer.
The soldiers questioned the migrant workers and sent them to Sa Kaeo provincial immigration office for further legal proceedings.

By: Bangkok Post,

Published on: 21 September 2015

Forty-Seven Migrant Workers to Be Deported, The Cambodia Daily

Nearly 60 illegal Vietnamese migrant workers were arrested by immigration police Wednesday during raids on six furniture workshops and a coffee shop in Phnom Penh’s Chamkar Mon district, an immigration official said.

Uk Heisela, chief of investigations at the Interior Ministry’s immigration department, said that about 40 officers surrounded the workshops in Boeng Trabek commune at about 9 a.m. before searching for laborers without the proper work paper and residency documents.

“We cooperated with the local authorities to check on many furniture workshops…. We found a total of 57 workers—carpenters and carvers” who lacked the necessary documentation, Major General Heisela said, adding that a coffee shop in the area was also caught in the dragnet.

Those detained were transferred to a temporary holding compound near Phnom Penh International Airport, where police checked on their employment statuses, he said.

“Among those we detained, we found that only six of them had a passport, and four others had visas, but no work permit,” he said, explaining that the 10 would be sent to the immigration department for further questioning and required to pay for work permits and visas.

Maj. Gen. Heisela said the 47 people without a visa or passport —all Vietnamese nationals save one Chinese man—would be sent back to their home countries.

“Maybe we will deport them at the end of this week or early next week,” he said.

Since July last year, immigration police have arrested more than 3,000 foreigners from 46 countries—including 2,800 from Vietnam—who were found to be in the country illegally, he added.

Over the past year, immigration police have carried out dozens of raids in Phnom Penh in an effort to clamp down on illegal migrant workers.

Vann Norn, who owns a workshop in the area where Wednesday’s operation took place, said the possibility of further raids had influenced his hiring decisions.

“Khmer and Vietnamese workers are paid about the same wages, so I choose only Khmer, because I am worried about police raids on my workshop,” he said.

ByBen Sokhean, The Cambodia Daily

Published on 3 September 2015

Illegal Burmese Immigrants found at South Pattaya Apartment Complex, Pattaya One

Over 100 officers from various Police Divisions, along with District Officials, conducted a raid of a South Pattaya Apartment Complex on Saturday Morning, in search of illegal Burmese Nationals who were thought to be residing at the location.

Police Officers from the Crime Suppression Division, Chonburi Immigration, Pattaya Police and the Army, took part in the raid which saw officers converge on Buildings B, C and D of the Flybird Condominium located in Soi 17 off the Pratamnuk Road in South Pattaya, just after 6am.

20 Burmese Nationals were found to have entered Thailand Illegally and were not in possession of passports and a further 7 Burmese Nationals had passports with expired visas.

The detainees will all be deported back to their native country at the earliest opportunity.

By Pattaya One

Published on 30 August 2015

65 illegal migrant workers arrested in Chiang Mai, NNT

Border patrol police officers have arrested 65 Cambodian illegal migrant workers in Chiang Mai province. Their brokers have been interrogated by local police and administrative officers.

The officers made the arrest after they were notified that a group of illegal migrant workers were staying at an empty school in Mae Taeng district. All 65 illegal migrant workers, later identified as Cambodian people, and their brokers were interrogated by Chiang Mai immigration and police officers.

The officers found that the illegal migrant workers were brought to Chiang Mai by the brokers from Chanthaburi province. They have stayed at the school since 12 August 2015 to pick longan in Mae Taeng district. Both the illegal migrant workers and brokers will face legal charges.

By National News Bureau of Thailand

Published on 25 August 2015

Families seek help for workers in Thai jail, The Phnom Penh Post

The families of six Cambodian migrant workers arrested in Thailand for crossing illegally into the country two months ago have appealed to Cambodian authorities to intervene after being informed they need to raise 8,000 baht ($230) per head to bail them out.

The six – Kim Tem, 22, Teay Ran, 19, Keo Sros, 25, Keo Srey, 18, Chhoun Kong, 16, and Deung, 17 – hail from Lvea commune, in Siem Reap province’s Puok district.

Ny Ngem, the mother of Kim Tem, said her son travelled to Thailand with an employment broker in May.

However, she was informed last week that her son has been held in a jail in Pathum Thani province in Thailand for more than two months.

“I don’t have the money to get my son freed,” she said.

Keo Can, the sister of Keo Sros, said she was told that if her family couldn’t put up the 8,000 baht, her sister would remain in jail for six to eight months.

An Vannak, the chief of immigration police in Poipet town, confirmed that Cambodian authorities were looking into the case.

By Sen David
Published on 11 August 2015

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