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Myanmar migrant workers in 2019 exceed 300,000

Over 305,000 people went overseas for work during 2019 according to the data from the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population.

Monthly numbers of workers going abroad from January to November 2019 are 23,235 in January, 22,523 in February, 22,534 in March, 20,766 in April, 30,326 in May, 26,787 in June, 30,826 in July, 33,805 in August, 36,902 in September, 27,186 in October and 30,841 in November. Thailand tops the destination countries for Myanmar migrant workers and Malaysia the second.

“There are currently about four million Myanmar workers in foreign countries either officially or unofficially. Laws have been enacted for working officially. But, some workers are still going unofficially with the help of those who are already in that country,” said U Kyaw Htwe, Chair of Immigration and Local Overseas Labour Committee (Amyotha Hluttaw).

The countries to which Myanmar people legally go to work are Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Japan, UAE, Jordan, Qatar, and Macao. Fewest people go to work in Qatar – only 276 people in two years.

The ministry will make necessary preparations in order that Myanmar domestic workers can be legally sent to Singapore, said the Union Minister U Thein Swe, minister for Labour, Immigration and Population, said at the meeting with Myanmar Oversea Employment Services Entrepreneurs Association in the first week of January 2020.

There were a total of 313 licensed oversea employment services companies until December 26, 2019, according to the stats of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population.

Last year, the Immigration, Local and Oversea Workers Committee (Amyotha Hluttaw) received a total of 204 complaint letters regarding the losses of oversea workers, but 140 letters among which were only kept as records because of insufficient reason, according to the committee.

Relevant action taken and suggestions were sent back to the senders of 50 letters, while seven senders of the letters were directly dealt with, according to the committee.  – Translated

Written by Yu Wai
Source: Myanmar Times
Published on 14 January 2020

Myanmar govt to increase licence fees of employment agencies

The government is discussing an increase in licence fees paid by employment agencies sending workers to Thailand, a senior labour official said.

U Win Shein, director general of the Department of Labour, said there are ongoing talks with employment agencies on how much the licence fees would be increased.

“We are looking to increase the licence fees to K25 million (US$17,000),” he said.

There are 260 Myanmar employment agencies sending workers to Thailand, Singapore and Japan. They pay the government K5 million in licence fees each and another K5 million each to the Thai government.

U Kyaw Htin, an executive of the Myanmar Overseas Employment Agencies Federation (MOEAF), confirmed the ongoing talks to raise the fee.

“They want to collect K20 million more,” he said.  “What will we do if the government issues a notice even though we are not okay with it.”

The latest meeting between labour officials and representatives of employment agencies was held on Wednesday in Nay Pyi Taw.

At present Myanmar sends workers to 18 countries, with Thailand as the top destination for migrant workers. Last year, more than 700,000 migrant workers were registered in the kingdom, according to the Thai government and tens of thousands more are illegal workers.

Last year, Thailand deported over 70,000 Myanmar migrant workers who did not have valid travel and working documents.

Due to lack of job opportunities in the country, thousands of Myanmar workers try their luck abroad. Data from the government showed that up to 1000 migrant workers leave for Thailand every day. – Translated

Written by Khin Myat Myat Wai
Source: Myanmar Times
Published on 13 January 2020

Over 234,000 MoU workers leave for Thailand last year

Myanmar dispatched over 234,000 MoU workers to Thailand last year, according to the Labour Department.

The number of MoU workers has increased though the factories faced the shutdowns due to the market restrictions caused by the violations of human rights in the marine product factories in Thailand. Due to the shutdown of factories, some Myanmar migrant workers become jobless and go home.

The number of MoU workers who left for Thailand reached 31,828 in 2014, 52,765 in 2015, 97,998 in 2016, 145,161 in 2017 and over 150,000 in 2018.

U Moe Kyaw, head of YaungchiOo Labour Affairs Office said: “There are more than 400 factories and plants in Mae Sot. In addition to the factories, more than 250,000 Myanmar migrant workers are working in construction sites, farming, housemaid services and shops. Thai government has fixed 310 baht for a eight-hour working day in Mae Sot. Myanmar migrant workers from around five factories earn their salaries fully. But Myanmar migrant workers from other factories and work sites get 150-200 baht only. They also face the violations in health and social affairs.”

Myanmar workers migrant mostly to Thailand with more than four million workers.

On average, Myanmar officially sends 800-1000 MoU workers to Thailand via Myawady border gate a day. But many workers return to Myanmar as some job agencies do not send them to the worksites agreed under the contract.

Source: Eleven Myanmar
Published on 12 January 2020

Paperwork cut for migrant workers as registration deadline looms

The authorities have reduced paperwork and introduced online document submission to help migrant workers and their employers beat the March 31 deadline for renewing work permits.

More than 1.6 million migrant workers who hold pink cards, which are identification documents issued to migrants upon their employment registration, will need to renew their work permits before they expire.

Department of Employment director-general Suchart Pornchaiwisetkul said the renewal process can be undertaken at any of the 42 One-Stop Service (OSS) labour centres nationwide which will be open seven days a week until March 31. Four are in Bangkok.

Speaking at his visit to the OSS centre in Bangkok’s Laksi district, Mr Suchart said migrant workers who fail to renew their work permits within the deadline will have to return to their home countries and reapply from there.

Few workers have visited the OSS centres for work permit renewal, he said.

He said workers were previously required to produce 16 documents, now that has been brought down to seven.

Employers also need to accompany their migrant employees to the OSS for the process. Though documents can be filed online, the renewal fees will have to be paid at the OSS centre.

Thailand’s workforce includes 1.2 million Myanmar nationals, 360,000 are Cambodians and 86,000 from Laos.

A business owner, who declined to give his name, said the renewal process should be held at district offices for the sake of convenience and to ease overcrowding.

Written by Penchan Chroensuthipan
Source: Bangkok Psot
Published on 12 January 2020

Thailand Opens One-Stop Service Center for Migrant Workers

BANGKOK, Jan 9  – Thailand opens a one-stop service center for migrant workers to extend their working permits.

Deputy Prime Minister PrawitWongsuwan on Thursday presided over the opening of the One Stop Service (OSS) operated by the Ministry of Labour at IT Square shopping mall in Bangkok.

It is one of four OSS in Bangkok tasked mainly with handling applications for migrant workers whose work permits are to expire between March and June.

The Ministry has assured speedy and convenient process for about 1.7 million migrant workers, mostly from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, residing in Bangkok.

Labour Minister Chatu Mongol Sonakul said in all there would be 38 more OSS centers around Thailand to provide service for nearly 4 million workers until March 31.

Source: Pattaya Mail
Published on 11 January 2020

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