New ID cards give migrant workers easy access to welfare

New ID cards give migrant workers easy access to welfare

Some 700,000 foreign migrant workers registered for Social Security Office (SSO) coverage are now able to use non-Thai
identity cards and preliminary “0” identity cards when seeking healthcare treatments at the hospital they named as their
primary-care facility.

SSO secretary-general Suradech Waleeithikul said on Monday the non-Thai ID cards and the 0 cards specially designated for
undocumented people with registration numbers starting with zero – both issued by the Provincial Administration
Department – contain all the pertinent information about the cardholder as well as their photo. The SSO board on July 18
amended its regulations to ensure foreign migrant workers more convenient access to healthcare and other SSO benefits,
he said. SSO services funded by workers’ monthly contributions and employer contributions cover many benefits including
medical coverage, maternity benefits, old-age pensions and compensation for disability and death.

They are available for people of any nationality working in Thailand legally. They must have passports and work permits and
make monthly contributions to the SSO.

Source: The Nation
Published on July 23, 2018

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