[Thailand] NLA passes bill to increase severance pay

The National Legislative Assembly (NLA) has passed an amendment to the labour protection law, giving workers laid off after 20 years of service the equivalent of 400 days of pay. The new rate is expected to come into force by January or early February next year.

The NLA voted 179 in favour, with five abstentions to pass the bill to increase severance pay from 300 to 400 days for workers serving more than 20 years. The bill will become law after being published in the Royal Gazette.

The severance rates for workers with other working periods remained unchanged.

The severance rates after the bill is passed will be as follows:

Workers employed for more than 120 days, but less than one year are entitled to 30 days of pay;

Workers employed for more than one year but less than three years are entitled to 90 days of pay;

Workers employed for more than three years but less than six years are entitled to 180 days of pay;

Workers employed for more than six years but less than 10 years are entitled to 240 days of pay; and

Workers employed for more than 10 years but less than 20 years are entitled to 300 days’ pay and those employed for more than 20 years will receive 400 days of pay

The bill also increased other social welfare benefits for workers, particularly the duration of maternity leave, which will be increased from 90 days to 98 days.

The bill sailed through the second and third readings in only one hour.

Manas Kosol, chairman of the Employees’ Labour Development Council, welcomed the changes.

Source: Bangkok Post
Published on 14 December 2018
Link: https://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/1593450/nla-passes-bill-to-increase-severance-pay

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