More than 200,000 Myanmar migrant workers leave the country last year

More than 200,000 Myanmar workers left for other countries to find their jobs under a MoU system last year, most of whom went to Thailand, according to the monthly report issued by the Labour Department at Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population.

Due to strict foreign workers management act, hundred thousands of undocumented Myanmar migrant workers returned to Myanmar. There were 217491 Myanmar migrant workers who left for other countries from January to November, 2018—18,119 in January, 15,653 in February, 17,859 in March, 14,985 in April, 23,203 in May, 17,688 in June, 18,954 in July, 24,157 in August, 22,763 in September, 19,123 in October and 24,987 in November.

Many Myanmar citizens are working in industries, marine and agricultural businesses in Thailand, most of whom are youths from the village areas, according to the figures from Thailand-based Myanmar labour organizations.

Thailand handed over 74731 undocumented Myanmar workers to Myanmar via three major border gates on Thai-Myanmar border, according to the statement by the Myanmar labour attaché office in Bangkok on January 2.

Source: Eleven Myanmar

Published on 6 January 2019


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