Myanmar migrant workers returned to Myanmar

A total of 52 Myanmar migrant workers sent by government by being registered three agencies to work in construction site of Thuwana Bumi airport had returned from Myanmar via illegal routes as their wages were paid late.

They left their work site accepting the false instructions of illegal organizations in Thailand. They also didn’t contact the Labour attaché office in Thailand, Myanmar overseas employment agencies federation and respective agencies.

Those going Thailand legally were now returned to Myanmar as illegal workers  because they listened to these illegal organizations and as a result, they suffered a lot.

The 52 workers were met with in-charge of Myawaddy migrant workers office, Township labour officer and officials from Myanmar overseas employment agencies federation on January 31 and February 1. As a compensation, they will be  given transportation fees  and their due payment will be carried out in accordance with Thailand Law. But, no negotiations were made and lawsuit will be filed from both sides.

In Thailand Labour law, if there is any violation of contract from workers side, no compensation will be given. According to Thailand Labour Law, Section 118, labourers have the right to file lawsuit for their losses  and in Section 119, the losses from the owners’ side can also start lawsuits.

Written by Shine Lin Aung
Source: Eleven Myanmar
Published on 21 February 2019

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