[Thailand] Harsh new penalties for forced labour, abuse of employees

The National Legislative Assembly has approved harsher punishments for employer, ranging from a maximum 400,000 baht fine to the death penalty, for use of forced labour, abuse or torture leading to a worker’s death.

The amendments to the Anti-human Trafficking Act were passed by 117 votes to 0, with four absentions, NLA vice-president Surachai Lienboonlertchai said on Tuesday.

The amendment added forced labour to the list of liable offences. This includes crewmen whose documents are seized by boat skippers and they are forced to work like slaves, and workers whose employers seize their documents and pay them below the minimum wage.

The draft amendments set harsher penalities for employers found to have forced, abused or tortured  workers. Abuse and torture of workers is liable to a fine of 50,000-400,000 baht, and/or jail term of 6 months to 4 years.

Abuse or torture leading to severe injury or serious illness is liable to a jail term of 8-20 years or life imprisonment.  If the action leads to the death of the employee, the employer would face life imprisonment or the death sentence.

Source: Bangkok Post
Published on 23 April 2019
Link: https://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/1665832/harsh-new-penalties-for-forced-labour-abuse-of-employees

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