[Myanmar] Govt, UN agency launch plan to protect migrants

Myanmar and the International Organization for Migration have launched a second five-year national plan of action on international migration aimed at giving Myanmar migrants access to opportunities and work in other countries.

“We will work closely with government departments, non-governmental organisations and other institutions to raise public awareness about workers’ rights before people leave for jobs overseas,” Labour Minister U Thein Swe said at the launch of the plan on Saturday.

The goal of the second five-year plan through 2022 is to meet national development goals by reducing poverty and relieving pressure on local labour markets.

The plan also aims to identify strategies to secure jobs abroad and improve training for workers.

It aims to provide Myanmar workers with realistic options to work abroad, through a decent work agenda that ensures safe and productive employment opportunities for Myanmar people.

‘’We hope to support our workers by ensuring they are employed in decent jobs in Southeast Asia and other regions,” U Thein Swe said in his speech.

Akio Nakyama, chief of mission of IOM Myanmar, said at the ceremony that the migration rate in Myanmar is high, with one out of four people in the country going abroad to seek better lives through jobs or higher education.

According to the 2014 Myanmar census, as many as a quarter of the country’s people are migrants, including an estimated 9.39 million internal migrants and 4.25 million from abroad.

The plan of action on migration aims to protect and upgrade the abilities of Myanmar migrant workers, to increase the development results of migration, and to administer and control labour migration.

Written by Zaw Zaw Htwe
Source: Myanmar Times
Published on 14 May 2019
Link: https://www.mmtimes.com/news/govt-un-agency-launch-plan-protect-migrants.html

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