Thais agree to send back 47 migrants

Thailand’s police force has agreed to transfer 47 Myanmar migrants workers who tried to enter Malaysia via the Thai border with the assistance of people smugglers, the Myanmar Labour Attaché Office in Bangkok said on Tuesday.

“During a meeting with Thai officials, we requested that the workers be transferred back to Myanmar as this is the human-trafficking case. The Thais have agreed to the request,” U San Maung Oo, head of the Myanmar Labour Attaché Office in Bangkok, said.

 However, the workers will have to stay at a labour resettlement centre in Thailand temporarily while Thai police investigate the human-trafficking case.

Thereafter, the workers will be repatriated  to Myanmar without being sent to jail, U San Maung Oo said.

According to a Voice of America news report, authorities, including immigration, police anti-human trafficking, and military officials from Thailand’s southern Songkhla Province arrested five people believed to be Myanmar nationals for human smuggling in the city of Hat Yai on Saturday.

During the raid, the Thai authorities discovered 47 Myanmar nationals (40 males and seven females) who said they had been confined in a building for over a week while waiting to be sent to Malaysia.

According to the Bangkok Labour Attaché Office, none of the workers had any proper documents for working in Malaysia.

U San Maung Oo said that an estimated 100 Myanmar workers are departing to Malaysia monthly to seek better job opportunities by illegally passing through Thailand with the help of brokers and human smugglers.

According to the Myanmar Labour Ministries statistics, some 20,000 people from Myanmar legally leave the country every month to seek work in other countries, even as hundreds of others attempt to do so illegally.

Labour Ministry officials recently told the media that the rate of people from Myanmar going abroad to seek work has been steadily rising over the past three years.

Written by Zaw Zaw Htwe
Source: Myanmar Times
Published on 6 June 2019

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