China to repatriate over 160 illegal [sic] Myanmar workers

Over 160 illegal migrant Myanmar workers in China will be repatriated without being arrested.

A video file was posted on Facebook with ‘Oo Nay’ account on January 21 saying that “over 200 or nearly 300 Myanmar citizens are about to be sold in China. Please come and fetch them. They fear repatriation near Kunming. Please share this video file.”

When contacted, the Myanmar consulate in Nanning, it said they were illegal Myanmar workers in China. When they returned to Myanmar in rented cars during Chinese New Year holidays, they were checked at a checkpoint in Guangxi Province and the drivers ran away, according to a statement issued by anti-human trafficking police.

There were 164 Myanmar citizens on board the cars. The statement said they would be properly handed over to Myanmar without facing arrest.

In 2019, 239 trafficking cases were exposed in various states and regions and 196 cases related to China, including forced marriages. Among transnational human trafficking cases, most were trafficked to China including 188 forced marriages and others such as prostitution, forced labour, forced adoption and surrogates.

Written by Shine Lin Aung
Published on 23 January 2020

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