Steering Committee

MMN’s Steering Committee (SC) Members

Ms Huynh Thi Ngoc Tuyet


Ms Huynh Thi Ngoc Tuyet has a PhD in Historical Studies and works at a researcher and consultant on social and community development at the Center for Research and Consultancy for Development (CRCD), Southern Institute of Sustainable Development (SISD), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The target populations that she works to help are displaced people, resettled people, and migrants and migrant workers (both rural-urban and cross-border). Her major areas of interest are migration, resettlement, micro-credit for the poor/poor women, social assistance for resettled persons and migrant workers, waste management, civil societies organizations (CSOs), corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSER).

Mr Htoo Chit

Ko Htoo Chit Photo.JPG

Mr Htoo Chit came to Thailand in 1990 as a political exile from the repression following the 1988 democracy movement in Burma. He worked for several years as a teacher in Burmese refugee camps and as a human rights and democracy activist along the Thai-Burma border. From 1996 to 2002 he served as the chairman for the Relief Committee for Southern Area (RCSA) an umbrella alliance doing political, development and organizing work with internally displaced persons, documenting abuses, and helping to provide food, shelter and medical services. In 2000 he founded the Foundation for Education and Development (formerly Grassroots HRE) and currently works as its Executive Director. The Foundation supports marginalised Burmese migrant communities in Thailand, and provides education for over 600 children, primarily in the Southern Thai province of Phang Nga. He is also a member of the Tsunami Action Group (TAG), which works for the rights of Burmese tsunami victims in Southern Thailand. Htoo Chit received an Ashoka Fellowship award in 2008 and a France Public Human Rights Award in 2010 in recognition of his work.

Ms Jackie Pollock, Steering Committee Chairperson

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Ms Jackie Pollock is currently the Executive Director of MAP Foundation. She worked for over ten years as an English teacher in Lampang, Northern Thailand, Sussex, England, and Bangkok before joining Empower in Chiang Mai as a coordinator from 1991-1996. At Empower she conducted outreach work, workshops and training with sex workers, and organised advocacy events and activities to promote labour rights and HIV awareness, prevention and protection. In 1997 she became the director of MAP Foundation, a grassroots NGO based in Chiang Mai that works with Burmese migrant worker communities in Thailand to support their labour rights, health and education. MAP also engages in advocacy and networking in order to further promote the rights of migrant workers. Jackie has also worked on anti-trafficking projects with the United Nations Development Program in Bangkok and Kathmandu, Nepal, undertaken consultancy work on migrants, anti-trafficking and sex workers, and trained government officials from Mekong countries in migration workshops.

Dr. Kabmanivanh Phouxay


Dr. Kabmanivanh Phouxay gained her PhD with a thesis on rural-urban migration in Vientiane during a time of economic transition. She has carried out cross-border research on Lao migration to Thailand with Ubon Ratchathani University, Thailand and with Vietnamese researchers on the impact of water resource management on upland livelihoods. She has also worked with International Labour Organization in Bangkok on the issue of labour recruitment agencies, and been part of a World Bank research team investigating working and living conditions in garment factories in Vientiane. She has worked with the Mekong Migration Network since 2003. She is currently the Head of Research and Postgraduate Division, Faculty of Social Sciences, National University of Laos where she teaches a number of courses including Population and Development and Rural Development.

Ms Vichuta Ly

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Ms Vichuta Ly is founder and Director of Legal Support for Children and Women (LSCW) in Cambodia. LSCW is a non-profit, non-political organisation founded in 2002 whose mission is to contribute to the development of the rule of law, to promote access to justice and to protect human rights, including the rights of migrants. Ms Ly is part-time Lecturer in Gender Studies at the University of Pannasastra, Cambodia and is affiliated with the International Development Research Center of Canada (IDRC) where she is Team Leader of a Research project on Justice and Perception of Justice for Women Defendants, and Women Victims of Crime in Cambodia. She has conducted many research projects relating to gender-based violence in Cambodia and transnationally. In 2009, she was invited as an expert witness to the Court of Women in Bali, Indonesia. In 2011, she was invited to be a panelist for women’s hearings in Phnom Penh. Ms Ly obtained her law degree (1998), and a bachelor’s degree (1992) and master’s degree (1994) in chemistry in Canada. She attended the British Embassy’s Chevening Fellowship Programme at University College London in the UK (2008) and received a certificate in Gender, Social Justice and Citizenship with a specialisation on gender analysis and policy drafting. She is also a doctoral student.


Ms Zhao Peilan

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Ms Zhao Peilan has served in the Rural Economy Management Station, Yunnan Agriculture Department, Yunnan Province, China and has engaged in the long-term operation and management of rural cooperative economic work, with a focus on rural women’s development. From 1995-1997 she worked as a credit expert, for the UNDP project ‘Experiment in Micro-credit for Poor Women and Poverty Alleviation Cooperation’. She was also an economic advisor for a UN Drug Control Program project on reducing illicit drug use in East Asian mountainous areas from 1997-2000. She has been working as the director of the Women’s Capacity Building and Community Development Committee in Yunnan since June 2004 until the present.

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