MMN Bottom of ASEAN Project consultation meeting, 19 March 2014, Yangon

1. Bottom of ASEAN – Highlights of MMN research
2. Highlights from MMN’s CSO’s meeting in Yangon

Additional resources
Worker Rights Consortium: Assessment Zongtex Garment Manufcturing, Cambodia – Findings, Recommendations and Status
Messenger Band: Tor Su (The Struggle) – Lyrics


MMN Bottom of ASEAN Workshop, 22 March 2014, ACSC/APF 2014, Yangon

Presentations from the Panel of Speakers
1. ASEAN integration and the race to the bottom
2. Current challenges faced by garment workers and their unions in Cambodia
3. Campaign on Decent Work and Living Wages – Solidarity actions for Cambodian workers
4. Alta Gracia Apparel: A Living Wage Factory

new Restricted Rights Updates – Policy, Statistics and Key Issues (May 2014)

WOW Migration Report Restricted Rights Updates – Thailand

Restricted Rights Updates – Cambodia

Restricted Rights Updates – Malaysia



Useful Links

ITUC Global Rights Index 2014: The World’s Worst Countries for Workers, May 2014

Worker Rights Consortium Report: Crackdown in Cambodia – Workers Seeking Higher Wages Meet Violent Repression, 24 March 2014

Clean Clothes Campaign Report: Tailored Wages – Are the big brands paying the people who make our clothes enough to live on? March 2014

The UK government published UK Activities in Burma setting out the full range of UK work to support Burma’s democratic transition in April 2014

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  •  OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises:




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