Lesson Plans on the History of Migration

Lesson Plans-English

Lesson Plans on the History of Migration

One of the goals of ASEAN (Association of South East Asia Nations) is “strengthening the regional social cohesion” and working towards social and economic integration throughout the region by 2015. As a sub-region of ASEAN, countries in the Mekong region have revised and updated school curriculums to reflect and include these goals. The Mekong Migration Network, together with the Foundation for Migrants from Mekong Neighbourhood, believes in the importance of social integration in achieving peaceful cohabitation in the region.

MMN has been working with their partner members on a project entitled “Embracing Diversity” to explore the concept of living together.  In this project, MMN has developed a set of four lesson plans on the history of migration. Designed for 10-12 year old children or students who are in 4th or 5th grade of primary school, the lessons aim to create acknowledgment among them that migration is a natural process of humankind and that we live in an interconnected global world. Through fun activities, interactive classroom discussions, and informative presentations, students will learn about the movement of people and the positive influences cultural diversity has upon our way of life.

The lesson plans covers the following four topics:

Lesson 1: Features of Migration

Lesson 2: Migration on the Individual and Community Level

Lesson 3: History of Migration in Greater Mekong Sub-Region

Lesson 4: Global History of Migration.

Each lesson is designed to take one hour. Each plan contains lesson objectives, layouts, and lists of reference materials to be used. They also include detailed breakdowns of each activity, including its steps, time, and teacher instructions. The lesson plans are available in English, Thai, Burmese, Khmer, Lao, Vietnamese and Japanese.

Published October 2014.

Lesson Plans-English  Lesson Plans-Thai  Lesson Plans-Burmese

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New Lesson Plans-Khmer Lesson Plans-Laotian  Lesson Plans-Vietnamese

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Lesson Plans-Japanese

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