Dragon Lake: An illustrated children’s book on multiculturalism

Dragon's Lake

Dragon Lake: An illustrated children’s book on multiculturalism

This book was produced by a team from the Mekong Migration Network (MMN), a network of civil society organizations promoting the rights of migrants in the Mekong region. MMN has been working on projects to explore the concept of living together and how to further social integration in the region. In furtherance of this goal, MMN has developed an illustrated children’s book as part of a greater project entitled “Embracing Diversity.” This project seeks to develop educational materials promoting multiculturalism. This book, “Dragon Lake” was created as a part of this project.

“Dragon Lake” teaches the importance of living together with different cultures and nationalities through the story of a diverse community of dragons living on the shores of a small lake. It follows the story of a young river dragon named Yui who is instructed by her grandmother to stop playing with her friends, the mountain dragons. The story goes on to chronicle the changing relationships between dragons in the village and how stereotypes divide a community and hurt friendships. It is full of beautiful watercolor illustrations reflecting the unique nature of the different types of dragons living there. The book is for children aged 6 to 7 years old and is available in English, Thai, Khmer, Shan, Burmese and Lao.

In “Dragon Lake” we have striven to reflect children’s perspectives and use their values as our inspiration. We hope that the book will help children embrace diversity, and that by reading this story, teachers, parents and children will themselves become messengers for living together.

For any further information, please contact us by email at  info@mekongmigration.org or by phone at our Chiang Mai, Thailand office at +(66)53 283259.

Published October 2014.

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