MMN Recommended Books

MMN reviews of recommended books and articles are available here.

Irregular Networks: Bangkok Refugees in the City and Region, by P. A. Palmgren, Journal of Refugee Studies, 2013. [click]

Managing migration in the Greater Mekong Subregion: Regulation, extra-legal relation and extortion, by Sai S. W. Latt, Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, 2013. [click]

Hit & Run: The impact of anti trafficking policy and practice on Sex Worker’s Human Rights in Thailand,  Sex Worker’s Research on Anti trafficking in Thailand, Empower, 2012. [click]

Restricted Rights: Migrant women workers in Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia, War on Want, by Reiko Harima, 2012. [click]

What’s in a label? by Jackie Pollock, Forced Migration Review. [click]

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