Abuse Without End: Burmese Refugee Women and Children at Risk of Trafficking

Author: Young, Wendy and Sandee Pyne
Publisher: New York: Women’s Commission for Refugee Women and Children
Published place New York
Published year 2006
Total pages: 45
Language (s) English
Country covered Burma/Myanmar and Thailand
General Description
The study looks into the situation of women and children in Thailand from Burma and particularly those who face situations such as severe exploitation, forced labour and trafficking. It outlines international laws and obligations and looks at the way Thailand and Burma are responding to these issues. The authors review the global discourse on trafficking taking into account the underlying both economic and political reasons that motivate people to migrate. This study offers a holistic, rights-based approach addressing the root causes of migration, and need for assistance for trafficked people who cannot return to their home is well emphasised.
Key topics
  • Trafficking 
  • Women
  • Children 
  • Refugees
Key actors
Key response
Key recommendation

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